How to hike smart?

If you are planning on doing a hike in the summertime at a hot place, you should follow some basic guidelines on “how to hike smart”. When I first read about “hike smart” I was confused. Hike smart. What does that mean?! So I did a lot of research on this topic and went down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in August & all alone. You can read everything about this adventure of a lifetime here.

  • Take enough water! Do your research. Is there water on the trail you are planning to do? Water is heavy – so it will help you a lot to know were you can possibly refill your bladder and bottles/can.
  • If you´re hiking in the heat: Wet yourself! It´s amazing 🙂 Put water all over your clothes, so they will be soaking wet. That way your body temperature will stay cool.
  • Take a hat or/and a bandana. Soak your bandana, whenever it´s dry… That way – your head will always be super cool and fresh. You might look like sweating tons of water -but that will be worth it 😉
  • Whenever you see a water source: Get soaking wet and relax your feet in the water, if you are on a long hike. It is also awesome to put a bottle into the water to cool it down – you will enjoy your drink so much!

Break at the Creek at Indian Gardens!

  • Use a bladder – that way you don´t have to take your bottle out of your backpack all the time…
  • Use Hiking poles if you have to get up or down a mountain or canyon. Especially if you are carrying a heavy backpack, those hiking poles could be lifesaving 😉
  • So we had the “Take enough water” part – don´t forget about the food. I learned it the hard way, while I was in Death Valley a few years ago: You should always eat something salty, when you are drinking a lot. Otherwise you can get really sick. My advise, after doing a lot of research on this topic: Always eat a little bit when you drink something. Even if it might only be 2 nuts. I brought those snacks to eat on a very strenuous hike to eat and was well prepared:
    • Salty nuts
    • Chips
    • “Clif Bars”
    • Energy Chews
    • Nut Bars
    • Fresh fruits
  • Take some rehydration tablets with you, that you can mix with your water or bring some mixed drinks such as Powerade e.g. with you.
  • If you are a small lady, don´t eat too many proteins (I had a nice streak after a long hike…) after exhaustion, if you haven´t eaten them while your hike. You might feel terrible after eating it..
  • Take a headlamp with you if you are planning on hiking in the dark to miss out on hiking in the midday sun!
  • Take your time and enjoy!