I visited Page 2 times already and am just in love with the things to do there. It´s such an incredible landscape and you have so many options on what do to…

If you want to see my suggested schedule of a roadtrip that combines Sedona, Grand Canyon and Page click here.

You could also easily add Page to a big roadtrip through the Southwest of the United States. I will post some suggested routes at a later time.

My adventure

I have been to the Lower Antelope Canyon (read everything about my decision why I visited the Lower Antelope Canyon here!) and Horseshoe Bend twice and experienced the Waterholes Canyon. Above this I did a little boat trip into the beginning of the Antelope Canyon.

On my bucket list for my next trip to Page are the Upper Antelope Canyon, a boat trip down at the Horseshoe Bend and kayaking on the Lake Powell. I would also really like to see the Rainbow Bridge once (but it´s just so expensive in my opinion).

Both time I visited Page I camped down at the Wahweap Marina and I liked it. It´s not my favourite campground in the United States but it is perfect for a trip to Page. You are very close to the Lake Powell, and can even see the lake from your campsite – but I didn´t find a spot for jumping into the lake. It´s pretty steep. In the morning after camping there, I made my way down to the lake to watch the sunrise – and it has been quite a hard walk 😉

But it was worth it:

Sunrise over the Lake Powell

Sunrise over the Lake Powell

After the sunrise we went to see the Wateholes Canyon. It is a beautiful canyon and it is far away from being crowded like the Antelope Canyon.You need to obtain a permit before going there because it is on navajo country – it costs 8 $ per person for a day 🙂 You can get the permit at the enttrance to the UPPER Antelope Canyon – they will give you directions on how to drive to the Waterholes Canyon!

It´s easy to find the parking spot. Afterwards you have to go through a fenc e and “follow the stones” – they led you the way down to the canyon.Please be careful!! There are some meeeeaaan cacti on the way… I walked into one and hurts very much:

Cactus on the way to the Waterholes Canyon

Cactus on the way to the Waterholes Canyon

You will need to climb down to the canyon a little bit. It is not that tough – there are stones leading the easiest way down – so just watch out for them! It looks so much scarier when walking down 😉

We actually did only meet one couple while walking around the Waterholes Canyon. Because it had been raining a few days before, we actually saw some waterholes. So cool!

Waterholes Canyon

Waterholes Canyon

The colours down there are simply mindblowing and it is so enjoyable to have the whole canyon for yourself 😉

The Canyon is changing the further you go – it is really interesting to see all those different formations in the stones. This canyon seems to be an absolute secret. As I said there are like no people at all! And it is absolutely beautiful. If you want to experience different sandstone formations and enjoy the orange colours of the sandstones – this is the place to go to!

Waves in the sandstone

You can really imagine how the water formed the sandstones down here…

After we enjoyed Waterholes Canyon we drove to the Lower Antelope Canyon. Read everythign about my decision to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon and not the Upper Antelope Canyon here.


What is there to say? It is absolutely stunning!!! You will be walking through the canyon with a tour guide, but it is just one of the most memorable things I have done so far. Those colours seem to be out of another world. You honestly HAVE to go there, when you are anywhere in the area. It is well worth it!

If you stay a little bit behind and make sure to be the last person in your group while walking through the canyon, you can take gorgeous pictures backways – with no people walking around in it 😉

You will be in the canyon between 30 minutes and an hour – and you will enjoy every second of it!

After the Antelope Canyon we drove to Horseshoe Bend. It is an easy walk of 1.25 miles roundtrip and offers a beautiful view over the Colorado River…It is one of those places were you can´t stop taking pictures because you are just so incredibly happy to be able to see something like this…


We enjoyed the view, walked around for a while, took a thousand pictures and ate some lunch 🙂

I enjoyed Horseshoe Bend so much, that I came back 2 years later 😉 It is incredible!


Also a cool thing to do in Page is a little boat tour to the entry of the Antelope Canyon. Especially on a hot day, you will not be able to just wander around all day long – it is exhausting if you are not used to that high and dry temperatures. So the wind blowing through your hair on a nice little trip on the water was actually what we needed while being in Page in the summertime with 46 degrees Celsius in the sun..

This is the view that you will get from the boat:

Page is really worth visiting and I enjoyed the two times I have already been. I am a 100 % sure it was not the last time – I am just in love with the landscape in this area…