Waterholes Canyon is absolutely able to take up with the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend – you should consider adding this one to your list, if you are in Page πŸ™‚

Where is this canyon?

The Waterhoels Canyon is located a few minutes drive south of Page, Arizona. It is a beautiful canyon and it is far away from being crowded like the Antelope Canyon!

Can I just go there and hike?

No – You need to obtain a permit before going there because it is on navajo country – it costs 8 $ per person for a day. You can get the permit at the entrance to the UPPER Antelope Canyon – they will also tell you directions on how to drive to the Waterholes Canyon and where to park your car.

ItΒ΄s easy to find the parking spot. Afterwards you have to go through a fenc e and “follow the stones” – they lead you the way down to the canyon. Watch your steps! There are some meeeeaaan cacti on the way… I walked into one and hurts very much:

Cactus on the way to the Waterholes Canyon

Cactus on the way to the Waterholes Canyon

You will need to climb down to the canyon a little bit. It is not that tough – there are stones leading the easiest way down – so just watch out for them! It looks so much scarier when walking down πŸ˜‰

We actually did only meet one couple while walking around the Waterholes Canyon. Because it had been raining a few days before, we actually saw some waterholes. So cool!

Waterholes Canyon

Waterholes Canyon

The colours down there are simply mindblowing and it is so enjoyable to have the whole canyon for yourself πŸ˜‰

The Canyon is changing the further you go – it is really interesting to see all those different formations in the stones. This canyon seems to be an absolute secret. As I said there are like no people at all! And it is absolutely beautiful. If you want to experience different sandstone formations and enjoy the orange colours of the sandstones – this is the place to go to!

Waves in the sandstone

You can really imagine how the water formed the sandstones down here…

Enjoy your stay down at Waterholes Canyon – you will not regret going there…