Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon?

General Informations

  • You have to go with a guided tour in both canyons
  • If you decide to go to Upper Antelope Canyon in the summer time, you have to make a reservation online. They were all fully booked 4 days before I was thinking about going to it.
  • If you decide to go to the Lower Antelope Canyon, you can just walk up and wait a while or make a reservation online.
  • If you have enough time and money: Do both of the Canyons! I have not been to the Upper Antelope Canyon yet and I will go someday for sure.

General advises

  • Take water – it´s a different climate inside the canyon, some people get circulation problems
  • Use sunscreen, because you might have to wait a while infront of the Canyon to enter it (no shade at Lower Antelope Canyon!)
  • Better don´t wear sandals (I did and it hurts to walk the way back from the canyon exit to the parking lot – the sand is freaking hot!)
  • Try to be the last person in your group, while walking through the canyon. That way nobody will photobomb your pictures 😉
  • If you are unsure about your camera settings, ask your tour guide – our tour guide helped everybody out and showed them the best settings for DSRL, Iphone, Samsung phone or whatever you had 😉

If you have to choose one of the canyons: my advise is to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon.


Why´s that?

  • Because it is just not as crowded! Most people tend to go to the Upper Antelope Canyon, because  you can see sun “beams”. Sure, if you say all you want to see is a beam you should go to the Upper Antelope Canyon. But the sun needs to be in the perfect position for the beams to occure – so you will need to get a ticket in the “prime time”.
    • In the main season a ticket to the upper Antelope Canyon is 50 $ during Prime time (11:30 am).
    • Otherwise they will charge you 40 $ – but there might won´t be those beams you saw on that pictures…There are also more tours going to Upper Antelope Canyon – so there will be more groups trying to get into the Canyon.
    • Lower Antelope Canyon only costs 28 $ at all times of the day. So you nearly save half the money that you would have to spend going to the Upper Antelope Canyon at Prime Time.

Make sure to be the last person of your group – that way you can take pictures like this, without people running into your potograph 😉

  • If you decide to go to the Upper Antelope Canyon, do some research before you go, about your planned time of the year. The best time of the year to see beams are June, July and August.
  • Lower Antelope Canyon is much larger than the Upper Antelope Canyon. That way the groups are seperating – you don´t even meet another group after going into the Canyon. And for sure – you can enjoy those colours a little longer this way 😉